Roald Dahl Day

On the 13th of September 2016, (the day Roald Dahl would’ve been 100) the whole school had to come into school as Roald Dahl book characters for 100 years old Roald Dahl also to celebrate all his amazing books.

We did it to inspire more reading to the school and interest readers to new books, also when we read it helps us develop in our literacy.

We had so much fun. We went around in our house teams to different stations around the school and did different things like: drew Mr Twits beard added all the grotty things he has in it, we also made our own cocktails we made up our own gobble funk by thinking of two different words and then put them together to create a word. We did loads of other exciting activities afterwards as well. We also discovered Roald Dahl books that we had never had heard of before


Poppy said “we did so many things it was great!”

“It was brilliant and very interesting and it was extremely cool to come to school as a Roald Dahl character and see everybody elses costume.” William

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