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Curry Mallet Church of England VC Primary School

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Class 3

Mrs Poulton welcomes you to Class 3!

Class 3 currently consists of Years 4, 5 and 6. The children are all very friendly and display strong Christian values; working well together and offering support and encouragement to their classmates. They rise well to the school’s expectation of being super role models for the younger children across the school.

My name is Mrs Poulton and I am Class 3’s teacher. This is my sixth year of teaching at Curry Mallet Church of England Primary School! I enjoy teaching all subjects but art and science must top my list of favourites!

We are assisted in the classroom by Mrs Kim Sparks who supports our learning by taking groups in Maths and English. Additionally, we offer further support to individuals or smaller groups of the children in the afternoons.
Together, we make a great team!

We welcome parental involvement, so if you have any questions, offers of help or special skills to share with us, we would love to see you.

Spring Term 2024 Curriculum Map 


Autumn Term 2023 Curriculum Map 

Home Learning PresentationErupting our model volcano


Football Team

 Class 3 Autumn 2023 Update!

The children have really enjoyed learning about electrical circuits this term. They are able to construct circuits, test and correct faults, record their circuits using correct circuit symbols and understand which materials act as conductors or insulators. Some of the children are even able to offer quite complex explanations as to how a material is constructed of atoms and that free electrons are required in order to allow electrical current to pass through it and allow it to conduct electricity.

Constructing a circuit.

Constructing a simple circuit.


We have also thoroughly enjoyed researching about ancient Egypt this term. Our EnSecrets of a Sun King English Displayglish lessons have been linked to the book, 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll and we have already produced a great range of writing inspired by the characters and the plot!




As part of our learning, we have enquired as to why ancient Egyptians valued sculptures so much. We have also noticed that a lot of sculptures are in the form of animals and have discovered that  ancient Egyptians believed that many of their gods and goddesses would revisit Earth in the form of an animal. 

We chose to deepen our understanding about Bastet - the cat goddess - who protected motherhood and families. After looking at examples of museum artefacts linked to Bastet, we decided to sculpt our own statues of her using mod-roc! 

It has taken us a while, as we first had to consider the proportion of her body parts before construction began. We are all very proud of our models of Bastet!

Here are some photographs of the different stages of our work!

 Sketching Bastet

Sculpting Sculpting  


Sculpting with mod-roc









Painting our sculptures












Finished Bastet sculptures