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Curry Mallet Church of England VC Primary School

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Our School Vision:

We live life in all its fullness

When Jesus spoke the words: ‘I have come to bring life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) to his disciples; he had a vision for them that went beyond what they could see at that moment in time.

At Curry Mallet Church of England VC Primary School, we have that vision for all of our children. We want every lesson, every experience and every day in our school, to expose our children to an education without limits – full of the joy and abundance of life.

Our vision extends beyond the school gates, where we hope to see our community touched by the values lived by our pupils. We believe that in walking through life together we can flourish together, creating the best opportunities and outcomes for all.

This vision underpins everything that we do at our school. We believe that our Christian distinctiveness enhances our care and aspiration for every individual child, drives our goals for success and enables us to teach our children how to live well.

Our Vision and Values are underpinned by the theology and Christian narrative found in the miracle of ‘The Loaves and the Fishes’.

Matthew 14 v.13-21 .  Mark 6 v. 30-44 .  Luke 9 v. 10-17 .  John 6 v.1-15

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