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Curry Mallet Church of England VC Primary School

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Religious Education

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum approach to RE reflects our vision statement: ‘We live life in all its fullness’


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Every child has the opportunity to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions and beliefs. We aim for all children to develop respect, sensitivity and understanding when encountering people from different faiths and beliefs. Children at Curry Mallet are encouraged to share their own views, ideas and experiences with confidence, in a variety of ways. Opportunities are planned for reflection to enable the children’s development of their ability to see the world through the eyes of others. At Curry Mallet School, we want all children to be given the chance to develop their own spirituality enabling them to take interest and delight in the world around them.


Religious Education is taught each week. We use the Somerset agreed syllabus, ‘Awareness, Mystery and Value’. This is supported through the use of the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource materials.

In Key Stage 1, Christianity and Judaism are the principal religions studied.

In Key Stage 2 Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam are the principal religions studied.


Children confidently make links between their own experiences and those of others. Our children develop an understanding of other people’s cultures and ways of life giving them the ability to make connections with their own beliefs.


The long-term plan for Religious Education ensures that there is coverage of the chosen religions. The planning exemplars from the Somerset agreed syllabus are used alongside the Understanding Christianity resources. This helps us to plan and to ensure the lessons are increasing the depth of understanding and range of knowledge throughout the primary years. See rolling program below.

Knowledge and skills progression through the school

Skills and knowledge will be developed through each phase of learning by building on previous levels of understanding. The full progression throughout the primary phase in the key areas outlined below is available to view.


RE is recorded in separate RE books. Although much of the learning in RE is through class discussion. Assessment: Teachers use the assessment tracking documents linked to the Somerset Agreed Syllabus.


Attainment is reported to parents annually.


Monitoring by the Ethos committee, to include pupil conferencing and book looks is carried out with the RE leader.
Review October 2023