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Curry Mallet Church of England VC Primary School

Learning Zone

Class 2

Mrs Hart welcomes you to Class 2!

In our amazing class, we have children from years 2 and 3. During the week in class 2 we are joined by several teaching assistants including Miss Parker and Mrs Piper.

Within the class, there is a strong emphasis on improving independence along with the importance of working and learning together. Throughout the year we will develop our key learning behaviours and growth mindset. This term we are learning all about the Christian value of respect, what it means to receive it and how to show it in return. We believe it is important to be a friend, be responsible, be respectful and to be our best in everything that we try and do. We will work hard to develop a love of reading – both for pleasure and for knowledge as well as improving our understanding of the other core subjects such as writing and maths. We are constantly looking for and finding links in our learning to build on our knowledge and understanding, during interesting and engaging topics. We enjoy a challenge and always try our best to meet it. Most importantly we love learning and being creative, we look forward to sharing our amazing work with you.

Autumn Term

Class 2 got off to an amazing start to the year with their learning. We have completed scientific investigations into the best use of materials by creating mirrors and designing a new bed for Mrs Hart's puppy. In History we have been learning all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, we are really excited about our trip to Bristol after half term! In Forest School the children have been building dens and learning how to stay safe in the outdoors and in RE we made delicious Challah bread to help us think about how Jewish people celebrate time with their family at Shabbat and what the Torah means to them. 

Spring Term 2024 Curriculum Map


 Autumn Term 2023 Curriculum Map