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Welcome to Class 1

My name is Mrs Leighton and I have the pleasure of being the teacher in Class 1. I have been at Curry Mallet School for 12 years, first as a teaching assistant and then as a class teacher. I am ably assisted by Mrs Rachel Cannon and Miss Riley and other teaching assistants throughout the week, who support, encourage and nurture the pupils and help provide a curriculum and learning environment rich in experiences. In Class 1 we believe that pupils who feel valued will have the confidence to develop lively, enquiring minds.

Class 1 is a mixed aged class of Reception and year 1 children. Through a combination of continuous provision and adult led activities we aim to provide a curriculum which is exciting, diverse and accessible to all.

We are fortunate to have an amazing outdoor space solely for the use of pupils in our class and we like to make use of this in all seasons and weathers. Weekly forest school sessions further enhance our learning opportunities.

Our newest arrivals always have a Year 5 buddy to help them find their feet and guide them through their first few weeks of school. These buddies are positive role models and help us to develop the Christian values of friendship and compassion.

Spring Term 2024 Curriculum Map 


Autumn Term 2023 Curriculum Map/docs/Class_1_Autumn_Term_2023_Curriculum_Map.pdf


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   Piglets Class 1 Autumn Update

What a busy term and what wonderful learning has been taking place in Class 1. The new reception children have settled well with the support of the Year 1s and their Year 5 buddies. We have been learning class and school routines and familiarising ourselves with each of the areas of the classroom, the outside play area and the school grounds. Our outside play area is looking great with the addition of a new mud kitchen, lots of vertical and horizontal mark making surfaces, new curriculum sheds, lots of loose part resources and den building kits. So far the weather has been kind and we have been able to enjoy the outside space and learn how to play, share, create, imagine and explore. The stage has been everything from a castle to a "drive-thru!" The imagination of the children is wonderful!

The children have been debating whether all heroes wear capes. We have discussed the "qualities" of superheroes and whether "everyday heroes" also share these qualities. The children have enjoyed dressing up as heroes and have "saved" Class 1 from endless disasters!

As super scientists we have been learning about the parts of our bodies, our skeletons and our internal organs. The children sorted and categorised different body parts and made up categories for them such as "the squishy bits" (internal organs), "the hard bits" (bones) and "the outside bits" (limbs). It was great fun drawing around our friends and trying to label the different body parts.