School Dinners

Children may bring a packed lunch or have a hot school meal at lunchtime.

Hot meals are provided by Little People’s Lunches and are brought to us from Martock.  Fruit or other healthy snacks may be brought into school as a mid-morning snack.  Sweets are discouraged.   The menus to choose from are available on ParentPay, our online cashless payment platform.

Lunchtime is seen as an important social activity and the children eat in mixed age groups; good manners and sensible eating habits are encouraged.

The Lunchtime Supervisors are responsible for the smooth running of lunch arrangements.  This is a difficult job and the co-operation of the children is very much appreciated.  Children are allowed to talk quietly during lunchtime and are encouraged to eat all the meal which you or the caterers provide.  You will be notified directly if any child repeatedly leaves his/her food.

Drinks brought to school should either be in plastic bottles, plastic flasks or in the card cartons.  For reasons of safety, glass bottles or containers should not be brought to school.

During the summer term, we often eat our packed lunches outside.

School Lunches Pricing & Payment

The cost of a school meal is £2.50 per day.

Orders and payments can be made through ParentPay. 

If you require any further information please contact the school office.

Please remember not to book a hot meal if your child is on a school trip