This booklet is intended to provide information that will give you an impression of how our school functions, its day to day organisation and our philosophy and aims. I would encourage you to visit the school to meet us and see us at work.

Attendance Policy

Adopted by all the Huish Community Learning Partnership Primary Schools

Curry Mallet Primary School believes that regular attendance is important for pupils to take full advantage of the educational provision made available to them.

For more information please download the PDF below:


Term Dates

Term 1: 03 September – 26 October 2018 (40 days)

Term 2: 05 November – 21 December 2018 (35 days)

Term 3: 07 January – 15 February 2019 (30 days)

Term 4: 25 February – 05 April 2019 (30 days)

Term 5: 23 April – 24 May 2019 (23 days)

Term 6: 03 June – 23 July 2019 (37 days)

TOTAL = 195

For more information on term dates take a look at the document below:


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All pupils are expected to wear school uniform, which provides conformity, shows commitment and pride and enables the children to distinguish themselves from others.

Please ensure that all uniform is named and that PE kits are kept in school all week.

Parents can now order school uniform direct from our supplier Brigade Clothing.

Please click on the following link which will direct you to the Brigade Parents Direct to School website.

School Day Time table

The teaching time available to the children falls in line with the recommendations of the Department for Education.

Our school day times are:

School starts
Infants: 8.50am
Juniors: 8.50am

Morning Break

10.15am – 10.30am

10.15am – 10.30am


12.00pm – 1.00pm

12.10pm – 1.00pm

School ends



Afternoon activities finish



Infant children are entitled to a short break during the afternoon period.

We would ask that children do not arrive at school before 8.45am as adequate supervision cannot be guaranteed before then.  Staff will be on duty on the playground from 8.50am.  We would also ask that children are collected promptly at the end of the school day or after school clubs have finished.

At the end of the school day, parents are welcome to wait outside the classrooms.  Parents of infant children are invited to help their children with coats, etc at 3.15pm

Illness & Absence
If your child is unable to attend school, please contact the school office before 9.00am.

School Aims
At Curry Mallet School, we aim to provide a happy, caring, well-ordered and stimulating environment in which teaching and learning can flourish and where all members of the school community are valued as individuals.

As a church school, we promote christian values and take seriously our responsibility for the moral and spiritual well-being of the children.

To achieve this aim we seek to create conditions which will:

  • build pupils` self‑confidence and esteem
  • help pupils develop lively and enquiring minds
  • instill respect and tolerance
  • help pupils communicate effectively
  • help pupils appreciate and understand more about the world
  • help pupils to appreciate human achievements, failures & aspirations
  • help children develop appropriate relationships with others
  • develop positive attitudes and concerns for the environment
  • offer a broad based curriculum in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge & individual enjoyment in learning now and in the future
  • foster the close relationship between the school, pupils` homes and the local community

Our aims are displayed around the school:

  • Don’t give up
  • Concentrate
  • Imagine
  • Improve
  • Push yourself    
  • Try new things
  • Understand others   
  • Work hard

School Dinners

Children may bring a packed lunch, go home for lunch or have a hot school meal at lunchtime.

Hot meals are provided by BAM FM Ltd and are brought to us from Somerton.  Fruit or other healthy snacks may be brought into school as a mid-morning snack.  Sweets are discouraged.   There are menus to choose from which are handed out on a 3 weekly cycle.  Please see some of the sample menus below.

Lunchtime is seen as an important social activity and the children eat in mixed age groups; good manners and sensible eating habits are encouraged.

The Lunchtime Supervisors are responsible for the smooth running of lunch arrangements.  This is a difficult job and the co-operation of the children is very much appreciated.  Children are allowed to talk quietly during lunchtime and are encouraged to eat all the meal which you or the caterers provide.  You will be notified directly if any child repeatedly leaves his/her food.

Drinks brought to school should either be in plastic bottles, plastic flasks or in the card cartons.  For reasons of safety, glass bottles or containers should not be brought to school.

During the summer term, we often eat our packed lunches outside.

School Lunches Pricing & Payment

The cost of a school meal is £2.50 per day.

Payment is made every 3 weeks.  Please make cheques payable to Curry Mallet Primary School.

If you require any further information please contact the school office.

Please remember not to book a hot meal if your child is on a school trip

Sample Menus

Please see the menus below to give you an idea of the food that is served to the children at school.


Home Learning

Home learning aims to excite children about the world around them whilst enabling them to consolidate skills. It also allows children to take responsibility for their own learning, to become independent learners and to develop perseverance. Consideration is made for any child with disabilities and the need for them to be able to access the set home learning.

What is Home learning?

At Curry Mallet Primary we view home learning as being a supported or independent task which is undertaken outside of curriculum time and which reinforces, extends, or enriches current learning.

Why is it set?

  • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in children’s learning.
  • To enable children to practice and consolidate skills.
  • To broaden the context of learning and provide enrichment and extension.
  • To enable children to take responsibility for their own learning, become more independent and develop perseverance.


How you can help:

  • Provide a quiet area where your child can work. It is helpful to switch off the TV to aid concentration.
  • Offer your help and support for younger children to complete tasks.
  • Expect older children to work independently, but make it clear that you are there if needed.
  • Encourage your child to complete home learning on the day set, as the task will have just been explained. If they leave it until the day before it is due in, they may find that they need resources that they do not have to hand. The setting of home learning several days in advance enables children to develop skills in organising their time. Younger children will need your support in moving towards this.
  • Take an interest in the home learning and encourage your child to take a pride in the presentation of written tasks. Work should be handwritten by your child in pencil or a suitable handwriting pen, unless directed otherwise by your child’s class teacher or the activity set.


Reading is the basis of our home learning expectation.

We encourage parents to enjoy sharing books at home with their children, and reading bedtime stories. From the Reception class onwards, children will take books home. Sometimes these will be books for parents to read to their children; sometimes the books will be for the children to read to parents. Reading is recorded in their
Reading log Planner. If your child completes 3 reads in a week, and their reading log is signed by you they will receive 1 house point. If they read each day, 5 reads then they will receive 2 house points.

From year 2 the children will be given times tables to learn. In 2019 children in year 4 will sit a times tables test.

On occasions children will want to follow up work on a topic at home, perhaps by carrying out further research. Every child will have home learning to complete during each term. This will be linked to our whole school topic and on a whole will be different for each class. Each piece of home learning may be handwritten or typed. Additional text, photos, pictures etc. may also be included. The brief for the activity will be sent home and put on the class pages on the website.


Medical Forms

Should your child need to take medication during school hours, please complete the Pupil Medication Request Form (link below) and hand to the school office with the medication.

Please Note:  Where possible, the need for medicines to be administered at school should be avoided and we ask that parents to try and arrange the timing of doses accordingly.


If you would like to come and visit our school please phone the school office and make an appointment.  Mrs Devereux will be delighted to show you around the school and answer any questions you have.

Admissions are handled directly by Somerset County Council. You can contact them by either by phone (0300 123 2224) or visit their website at for information on how to apply to start school or to make an in year admission.

The admission arrangements can be viewed at: