Home Learning


Home learning aims to excite children about the world around them whilst enabling them to consolidate skills. It also allows children to take responsibility for their own learning, to become independent learners and to develop perseverance. Consideration is made for any child with disabilities and the need for them to be able to access the set home learning.


What is Home learning?

At Curry Mallet Primary we view home learning as being a supported or independent task which is undertaken outside of curriculum time and which reinforces, extends, or enriches current learning.


Why is it set?

  • To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in children’s learning.
  • To enable children to practice and consolidate skills.
  • To broaden the context of learning and provide enrichment and extension.
  • To enable children to take responsibility for their own learning, become more independent and develop perseverance.


How you can help:

  • Provide a quiet area where your child can work. It is helpful to switch off the TV to aid concentration.
  • Offer your help and support for younger children to complete tasks.
  • Expect older children to work independently, but make it clear that you are there if needed.
  • Encourage your child to complete home learning on the day set, as the task will have just been explained. If they leave it until the day before it is due in, they may find that they need resources that they do not have to hand. The setting of home learning several days in advance enables children to develop skills in organising their time. Younger children will need your support in moving towards this.
  • Take an interest in the home learning and encourage your child to take a pride in the presentation of written tasks. Work should be handwritten by your child in pencil or a suitable handwriting pen, unless directed otherwise by your child’s class teacher or the activity set.


Reading is the basis of our home learning expectation.

We encourage parents to enjoy sharing books at home with their children, and reading bedtime stories. From the Reception class onwards, children will take books home. Sometimes these will be books for parents to read to their children; sometimes the books will be for the children to read to parents. Reading is recorded in their
Reading log Planner. If your child completes 3 reads in a week, and their reading log is signed by you they will receive 1 house point. If they read each day, 5 reads then they will receive 2 house points.


From year 2 the children will be given times tables to learn. In 2019 children in year 4 will sit a times tables test.

On occasions children will want to follow up work on a topic at home, perhaps by carrying out further research. Every child will have home learning to complete during each term. This will be linked to our whole school topic and on a whole will be different for each class. Each piece of home learning may be handwritten or typed. Additional text, photos, pictures etc. may also be included. The brief for the activity will be sent home and put on the class pages on the website.