The school is continually developing the curriculum in order to meet the needs of all pupils.  We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which will promote the moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils.  In other words, we are concerned with the development of the whole child as an individual, by giving each pupil the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities which will help them now and in later life.

Our curriculum is broad – introducing both boys and girls to all areas of learning and knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes.  It is balanced – each area of learning and experience receives appropriate attention in relation to the others.  It is matched to pupils` developing abilities and attitudes.  There is progression – work provided at each stage reflects and builds on that done previously.

Our curriculum seeks to promote the following outcomes:

  • The development of knowledge and understanding
  • The development of a wide range of skills – intellectual,  interpersonal and physical.
  • The development of personal qualities, values and attitudes

The National Curriculum provides the framework for our curriculum, but other topics and themes which we consider are important for our children are followed.  We aim to prepare our children for the wider world by covering issues such as citizenship, personal and social education, health, environmental education, equal opportunities and multi-cultural education.  These are often taught within the framework of R.E., Science or Geography.

Outlined below are links to our curriculum programs and procedures for your information as well as the parent guide for the new national curriculum.

Curriculum Overview for Years 1-6

Rolling Program

Literacy Rolling Program

Calculations Policy

Literacy Policy

The New National Curriculum – Parents Guide